INTERVIEWS Eric Shonkwiler
interviewed by David Bowen
Power & Light
  Juan Gelacio
interviewed by Robert Joe Stout
Invisible on Paper
ESSAYS Leonard Kress What Kind of Parent Lets a Thirteen-Year-Old Cancel Her Bat Mitzvah?
  Erinn Seifert Changing
FICTION Mollie Boutell Intimates
  Malcolm Cumming Mere Anarchy
  Liz Egan Sgt. Lawson
  Brian Kamsoke

Useful Things

POETRY Ruth Awad

Let me be a lamb in a world that wants my lion

My Father Is the Sea, the Field, the Stone

My Father Dreams of a New Country

  Devon Balwit Bike/Building
  James Brunton Transplant
  Nick Conrad Girondinsville
  Robert Cowan Amaranthine Days
  Jesse DeLong

Though Poetry Predates Literacy, and the Sonnet Has Been Around Since the Thirteenth Century, It Took Me Only Ten Minutes to Butcher One

The Fundamental

  Darren Demaree

The Children at the Wedding #1

The Children at the Wedding #3

  Stephen Gibson

Japanese Sex Doll Erotica

Japanese Bondage Erotica

Japanese Tentacle Erotica

  Matthew Guenette Inside Out
  Hedy Habra Tesserae
  Ian Haight

Feather Bones of Wax


  M.A. Istvan Jr. On a Certain Sort of On and On
  C. Kubasta The Covenant of User Agreeements
  Nicholas Manning from Anti-Mantra
  Pamela Miller

Why I Don't Write Haiku

  Robert Nazarene Empire de la Mort
  Kevin J.B. O'Connor The Great Frost
  Todd Osborne Re:
  Donna Pucciani Reclining Figures
  Divya Rajan A House Is a Center Is a Sanctuary Is a Man
  Rush Rankin Within
  Amy Sawyer



Sergio Ballouk
translated by Julian Cola




Martyna Buliżańska
translated by Peter Burzynski

rubella, misha

fasting: recourse

translated by David Macey




  Clarisse Francillon
translated by Michelle Bailat-Jones
Saturday Evening
  José Daniel García
translated by Jesse Tangen-Mills
Excerpts from shadowslongshoreman


translated by Tony Barnstone and Bilal Shaw


The Tulip

Give Me Lunacy at Least

  Tatiana Neshumova
translated by J. Kates

Letters of the Alphabet

  Karl-Heinz Ott
translated by Peter Woltemade
from Silence at Last
  Grzegorz Wróblewski
translated by Peter Burzynski

Android and an Anecdote

Until the End of Time

REVIEWS Brian Satrom Thousand Star Hotel
by Bao Phi
Evan Baden The _____ High School
Yearbook Project