Glenn Brady It's All Feel, My Dear
INTERVIEWS M. C. Armstrong
interviewed by David Bowen
A Dragon in the Hollow
  Kelly Davio
interviewed by Michael Schmeltzer
Feeding One Another
  Andrew Hudgins
interviewed by Okla Elliott
Nothing Human Is Foreign to Laughter
  Stephen Kuusisto
interviewed by Okla Elliott
A Multiplicity of Visions
  George Saunders
interviewed by Raul Clement
An Irreducible Language Object
  Alexis M. Smith
interviewed by Jennifer Spiegel
Iceberg Theory Chic
  R. Clifton Spargo
interviewed by Okla Elliott
The Lost Chapter
  Jennifer Spiegel
interviewed by David Abrams
Adult Anxiety
FICTION M. C. Armstrong An excerpt from Challenger
  Jeremy Britton Headache
  Michael Czyzniejewski Home

Calvin Haul

  Irene Jiménez
translated by Catherine Nelson
  J. R. Longfellow After the Parade
  Christopher Merkner The Garden, the Blunder, the Baby
  Jay Shearer Five-hundred Sirens
  Richard Thomas Flowers for Jessica
  Katherine L. Wiegele Incarnation
NONFICTION Lee Upton The Soul of Brevity
POETRY Anne Barngrover
and Avni Vyas

Pillow Talk, Brunch, then Cowboy Boots

Vintage Gallery of Our Ruined Affair

  Paul Crenshaw

Fishers of Men


Steve Davenport
translations by Änne Troester
and Octavio Quintanilla

True Confessions
  Valentin Dishev
translated by
Katerina Stoykova-Klemer
Nobody cries / for the rock
  Katy E. Ellis Wandering Bouts
  Alice B. Fogel Variation 6: Snake
  Agnar Artúvertin
translated by Matthew Landrum
  George Moore
The Shape of Things
  Kyle Muntz Brother/Sister
  Amado Nervo
translated by Ethan Madarieta
  Feliks Netz
translated by John Guzlowski
and Janusz Zalewski
Three Themes from Edward Hopper
  Jon Thompson Letter to Chaplin (The Kid)
  Rimas Uzgiris Acropolis
  Theodore Worozbyt



  Ivan Young Husks


Jacob M. Appel Devotion, the Unknowable, and
Dan Beachy-Quick's
An Impentrable Screen of Purest Sky
  Terrance Gutberlet Reconciliation in John Sayles's
A Moment in the Sun
  Brigit Kelly Young The Fight for Idealism in Imago for the fallen world